Thursday, 06.09.2012

Early Bird Programme

Tai Chi, Jogging, Walking, Swimming

50th Permanent Committee

of the Alpine Convention (closed event)

Sessions 6-10

Session 6: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): neglected engines for local regeneration in the Alpine Arc?Potential contributions of SMEs to economic, social and environmental regeneration in the Alps
ARE / University of Bern
Contact: Daniel Baumgartner, Universität Bern

Session 7: New Urbanization in the Alps: mobility and urban life-style dynamic
How do mountain climates, topography and risks initiate a complex design specific to a new type of urbanization in the Alps?
Laboratory of architecture and urban Mobility LAMU, EPF Lausanne
Contact: Fiona Pia, EPFL-LAMU

Session 8: Academic Mountain Knowledge as a Common GoodHow can scientific journals contribute to the renewal of the Alps?
Contact: Tanja Maehr, CIPRA

Session 9: Renewing Alpine Governance IIWorld Café discussion of facts and findings of the session "Renewing Alpine Governance I"
University of Geneva / ISCAR
Kontakt: Gilles Rudaz, University of Geneva

Session 10: The Brown Bear - A Possible Co-existence Practical problems concerning the coexistence between brown bear and humans in the Alps and how they can be solved
Regione Lombardia / WWF
Contact: Elisabetta Rossi, Regione Lombardia

Sessions 11-15

Session 11: Young Voice - New Vision

The Voice of the Alpine YouthCIPRA
Contact: Tanja Maehr, CIPRA

Session 12: ALPSTAR: Toward Carbon-neutral Alps How can we transform today's best practice in to future minimum standards? Approaches in the fields of energy, tourism, transport and spatial planning

Alpstar Project
Contact: Jure Leben, Alpstar

Session 13: Alpine Populations and New Enterprise

New creative potential in the Alps through innovationUniversity of Torino
Contact: Federica Corrado, Associazione Dislivelli

Session 14: Small Schools in Mountain Regions
Pedagogical approaches, present state and future perspectives
The University Colleges for Teacher Education of Vorarlberg, Grisons, St. Gallen and Valais
Contact: Andrea Raggl, PH Vorarlberg

Session 15: Rethinking the Alpine Territory Planning ecological connectivity with support of the Jecami mapping tool
ALPARC / Platform Ecological Networks
Contact: Yann Kohler, ALPARC

ALPARC: General Assembly

(closed event)

Sessions 16-20

Session 16: Valposchiavo Shapes its sustainable future
The multisectoral and participatory approach of the hosting region towards an integrated spatial development

Regione Valposchiavo
Contact: Cassiano Luminati, Regione Valposchiavo

Session 17: --

Session 18: From Old to New – Integrate People, Recycle Knowledge, Create Added Value in Mountain Communities!How old, young, new, seasonal visitors and local residents can share a better living in the Alps
Contact: Carole Piton, AidA

Session 19: Young in the AlpsTraditional knowledge reinterpretation through education and innovation as a key for mountain sustainable mountain development
University of Milan / Mountain University Edolo
Contact: Anna Giorgi, University of Milan

Session 20: Transalpine Traffic: New Solutions to Old Challenges? How can we develop a sustainable and ecological transalpine traffic system?Alpine Initiative Switzerland / Alpine Space Programme project iMONITRAF!
Contact: Niklas Joos, Office for the Environment of the canton of Uri


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