Session 18:
From Old to New – Integrate People, Recycle Knowledge, Create Added Value in Mountain Communities!
Darbieux (PPTX) | Wolfurt (PPTX, 242MB!) | Mauren (PDF) | 2Alpes (PPT) Session 19:
Young in the Alps

Edolo (PDF) | Video (Clips) Session 20:
Transalpine Traffic: New Solutions to Old Challenges?

Hermann (PPTX) | Joos (PPTX) | Resume (PDF) | Speeches (VIDEO)
Session 21:
Pilot Projects „Synergies in Rural Areas“

Flyers (PDF) | ARE (PPTX) | Walseregg (PPTX / PDF) | Goms (PPTX) | Engadina (PPTX)
Session 22:
Recollections of the Past: Perspectives for Sustainable Development?

Session 23:
A sustainable label for mountain resorts : the green snowflake Luthe, Burget (PDF) | Minutes (PDF) Session 24:
Eco buildings and neighbourhood
Session 25:
Alps so Bright - Light Pollution in the Alps

Dictionary (PDF) | Meier, Matt (PDF) Session 26:
Regional Managers - Architects of the Regions Schiess (PPT) | Parvex (PPTX) | Bellwald, E (PPTX) | Bellwald, D (PPTX)
Session 27:
Future Alpine Landscapes: Do You Compromise on Your Vision? Workshop (PDF) | Survey (PDF) | Survey (DOCX) Session 28:
Immigration - A New Potential for Rural Alpine regions? Machold, Tennenbaum, Hetfleisch (PDF) | Periurban (PPT)
Session 29:
Alpinism Between Fun-park and Climate Change
Quiz (PPT) Session 30:
Agricultural land use processes for the maintenance of biodiversity and open landscape
Liner (PPTX / PDF) | Flury (PPTX / PDF) | Schneider (PPTX / PDF) | Bischoff (PPTX / PDF)