The renewability of the Alps depends greatly on future generations and the opportunities they have to shape their living environment in a sustainable way. At the AlpWeek CIPRA will be focusing much of its attention on young people.

How can organisations involve young people to a greater extent in their work? What methods and formats do we need for young people to be able actively to contribute? Well, young people are best placed to show how this can be achieved. With the help of creative formats they will present the ideas and visions they have elaborated as part of other projects – such as My-Climate and the Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention. This year CIPRA celebrates its 60th anniversary and through its commitment to young people it aims to incorporate the concerns of young people more effectively into its own work and also encourage and empower other stakeholders in the Alpine region to do so.




Theatre impulse workshop: Wednesday - Thursday: Together with a coach the young people involved in the young@lpweek project will create short plays in which they process their ideas on the renewable Alps and showcase them to the public. The plays will build on the resolutions adopted at the individual projects (Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention, My-Climate) as well as topics relating to the environment and social issues that are of concern to young people.


Film workshop: Wednesday - Friday: Together with a coach the young people will put forward their vision of the renewability of the Alps in short video clips at the AlpWeek. The image material will consist of creative inputs as well as interviews with politicians and participants at the AlpWeek. A film clip is also to be made of the music project involving young people from two participating orchestras from Idrija / SL and Chambéry / FR, who together are rehearsing a concert for the AlpWeek.


CIPRA Session: Thursday 11:00 – 12:30: Young Voice – New Vision: At this Session young people will have the opportunity to air their concerns (as part of the theatre plays) and talk to decision-makers and politicians from all the Alpine countries. Young people and adults will be able to come one step closer to one another and break down boundaries.


Brochure: Wednesday - Friday: The young people will compile a brochure with interviews and short thought-provoking texts. Together with the film clips from the film workshop this brochure will provide a basis to address, discuss and drive forward their concerns and visions in their home regions once the AlpWeek is over. The young people are to have a place in regional politics so they, too, can have a say in shaping their future.


Market stand: Wednesday – Friday, 16:00 – 19:00: At the market stand young people will be able actively to come into contact with interested citizens of the Alps and also engage in a stimulating exchange with decision makers and be able to establish new contacts. The stall will also provide an opportunity for them to showcase the results from the Young Parliament of the Alpine Convention 2012 and My-Climate.


Impulse Workshops: Wednesday – Friday, 9:00 to 10:30: At a jointly agreed time slot the young people will meet daily and be provided with inputs, ideas and tools by a coach for working on their vision and conveying it in the best possible way to the outside.


Evening fringe events: Wednesday & Thursday from 21:00: At these get-togethers and the other activities the young people have the opportunity to engage in an active exchange and get to know one another. It will be an occasion to promote the sense of community and openness of young people from different backgrounds and opportunities. The objective is to create an informal network of young people from all Alpine countries to work jointly on their vision of the renewable Alps both during and after the AlpWeek.


Orchestra concert: Friday 21:30: The cultural highlight is a joint concert by young musicians and people with disabilities from the Alpine Towns of the Year Idrija/SI and Chambéry/F. The premiere is to be performed at the AlpWeek on the evening of September 7.



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